Top 10 Health Benefits of Walnuts

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Walnuts are one of the healthiest foods and are a perfect dietary supplement with greatest nutritional content. They have several preventative properties that are beneficial for our health. Walnuts are used in various salads, desserts, medicines and can be eaten raw or roasted. There are number of walnut recipes for walnut bread and walnut cakes. Here are amazing health benefits of eating Walnuts


Walnuts Health Benefits


1. Protects our Immune system

Walnuts have high antioxidant levels that play an important role in protecting our immune system from damaged or infected cells and reduce the risk of weakening the immune system.


2. Aids in Weight Loss

People who are interested in shedding weight in a healthy way should opt for adding walnuts in their diet. Walnuts, being rich in Omega, fiber and protein source are filling and are a good way to stop the hunger pangs and reducing the cravings for unhealthy snacks.


3. Good for Your Heart

Even though Walnuts are brain-shaped and good for brain, they are also really good for our heart and circulatory system. Omega-3 fatty acids present in walnuts prevent erratic heart rhythms, regulate plaque formation in blood vessels and improves the elasticity of blood vessel ensuing proper supply of blood to various organs and steady blood pressure.

Walnuts also reduces the risk of various heart related problems like stroke and coronary heart disease (Walnuts reduces the bad cholesterol/ LDL levels) and even diabetes.


4.  Promotes memory

Walnuts are consider as brain food as they are a rich source of Omega 3 and no doubt promotes brain health. Nearly 60% of our brain is a structural fat which is primarily omega-3 fatty acids. Low omega 3 intake is linked to depression and decline in cognitive function. Studies have shown that moderate amount of walnut can improve impaired reference memory.


5.  Promotes Healthy Hair and skin

Being rich in Vitamin B7, walnuts are good for healthy and strong hair. Vitamin B7 also helps reducing the hair fall and improves hair growth. Walnuts also contain vitamins A and E, they protect the skin against free radical damage, thus preventing the signs of aging. Also, the good fats which are omega-3 in walnuts help to maintain a nourished and smooth complexion.


6. Good For Pregnant Mothers

Harvard school of Public health studies have suggested that consumption of nuts during pregnancy might help in decreasing the risk of allergic disease development in children.


7. Cancer fighting properties

Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytosterols. Studies have suggested that regular and proper consumption of walnuts could reduce the risk and even slow the progress of breast cancer as well as prostate cancer.


8. Good source of Omega 3 for Vegetarians

Walnuts contains omega 3- fatty acids which is almost absent in a veggie diet as the only source of omega 3 is fish. For vegetarians, adding walnuts to their diet could be really beneficial as omega 3 reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and even skin diseases such as eczema etc.


9.  Lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Adding walnut to your healthy diet can help in regulating as well as lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. According to the study published in British Journal of Nutrition, adding walnuts into your diet could lower the incidence of diabetes by 50 percent and risk of heart disease by 30 percent.


10. Excellent source of Minerals & Vitamins

Walnuts are an excellent source of a proteins, fiber, B vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and manganese. Iron is an important part of hemoglobin and necessary for efficient transport of oxygen throughout our body. It is also required for the formation of red blood cells. Adequate iron intake prevents anemia. Magnesium, copper are essential minerals for the maintenance of healthy bones.


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