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Chocolate- As a Medicine!

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An American Chocolate Company Kuku Xoco, is claiming to develop a “Medicinal Chocolate” containing of only 35%fat, and micro grams of herbal plant extract( This plant is found in Andean region of Bolivia and Peru, and micro grams of this completely de-bitters large amount of unsweetened cacao).
Cocoa or Cacao, which is a key ingredient in chocolates, has many benefits as it contains anti-oxidants and minerals. As per research, cocoa protects the nervous system, and helps in lowering blood pressure in people with risk of high Blood Pressure!. Many companies usually add a huge amount of sugar and fat to override the taste of bitter taste of cocoa.
This company is endeavoring to develop chocolate with only 10% of fat and sugar. It believes Sugar is the “ Next Nicotine. Artificial sweeteners are found mostly in all the food products these days which is adding to various health complications. 

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