Fight Cold with Chicken Soup!

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Are you suffering from common cold and your nose bunged up!? Try having chicken soup. A bowl of chicken soup can do wonder. It not only reduces mucus in lungs and clears congested nose but also fight infection related with cold/flu!

In fact, chicken soup has been an important dish for the soul in various cultures since ages! So, what is it that makes it useful in treating common cold/flu.

  • Disinfecting – Chicken soup being fairly salty ( with low sodium) helps in removing the bacteria in the mouth, throat and tonsils. It work in much the same way as gargling with warm and salted water.
  • Anti-Inflammatory– Calcium from the chicken meat has a mild anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cleansing– To keep oneself healthy during cold and flush out the allergens, plenty of fluid is needed. Chicken soup performs aptly to cleansing.
  • Clear Sinuses

So, if you are suffering from common cold, do try chicken soup. 

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