Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

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Lemons are packed with health benefiting nutrients, particularly Vitamin C. One cup of Lemon Juice can provide your daily recommended serving of Vitamin C. Besides Vitamin C, lemon juice is also enriched with essential minerals like potassium, magnesium and copper, Vitamin B6 and E, Folate and fiber. Lemon Water not only hydrates but also provides various health benefits that have just begun making rounds on the health and fitness circuit. Let’s find out the top 10 amazing health benefits of drinking lemon water.


Lemon Water


Promotes Healthy Digestion

Studies have shown that lemon juice triggers the liver into producing bile which helps in keeping food moving through the gastrointestinal tract smoothly and flushing out toxins. Besides aiding in healthy digestion, lemon water also helps relieves symptoms of indigestion like bloating, heart burn and eases upset stomach.

The citric acid in lemon juice enhances the absorption of nutrients and thus keeps the insulin levels steady. Being a mild diuretic, it can also help in getting rid of infection or unwanted elements in the urinary tract.


Prevents Deficiency of Vitamin C

If you are suffering from Vitamin C deficiency, try drinking lemon water on a regular basis. Our body is unable to make Vitamin C on its own, so its really essential to take this vitamin from the foods and drinks like lemon water. Vitamin C stimulates the production of White blood cells which in turn boosts the functioning of our immune system and protects cells from free radical damage.


Treats Throat Infections

Lemon juice is known for its antibacterial properties which aid in fighting symptoms of throat infections, sore throat and tonsillitis. Drink a glass of warm lemon water each morning so as to lower the risk of developing throat infections and speed up the healing process. Natural remedies for sore throat.


Promotes Healthy Skin

Due to the presence of antioxidants in Lemon, lemon water can help in fighting off free radicals that are responsible for aging and aids in the production of collagen. Drinking lemon water daily can keep your skin looking fresh and clears out the lines in the face.

Study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that regular consumption of Vitamin C can make skin look healthier and with less wrinkles.


Regulates Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure should start drinking lemon water regularly. Lemon water helps cleanse our lymphatic system and keep the body hydrated. The high content of potassium in lemons helps in regulating the blood pressure and keeps the arteries healthy by negating the effect of excess sodium in our body. Top 10 Natural Remedies for Low Blood Pressure.


Helps in Weight Loss

Sipping lemon water on a regular basis can help you managing a healthy weight. Lemons contain a type of a fiber named pectin, which gives a feeling of fullness and prevents overeating or hunger cravings.

Drinking Lemon water with honey will creates a more alkaline atmosphere in your stomach and this helps in losing weight faster and in a healthy way.


Boosts Energy

Lemon Water, just like coffee can rejuvenate and boost energy levels. Nutrients present in lemon juice, once entering the digestive tract, results in an increase in energy levels. Vitamin C and B, proteins and phosphorus in lemon make it a natural energizing agent. It also hydrates the body and keep you feeling energized, refreshed and revitalized.


Balance the Body’s pH

Lemon helps keep the body alkaline due to its citric acid and ascorbic acid. These helps in maintaining the pH levels, and in turn reduces risk of inflammation as too much acidity in the body can be inflammatory.

Drinking lemon juice on empty stomach helps remove overall acidity in the body, even uric acid in the joint and prevents pain and inflammation.


Eliminates Bad Breath

Lemon juice is acidic in nature and when combined with honey, it can be used as a medicine for eliminating bad breath. Lemon water cleanses the mouth by enhancing the production of saliva. Saliva helps in killing odor-causing bacteria in our mouth.

Drinking lemon water also helps getting rid of white film on your tongue consisting of decayed food and bacteria that could cause bad breath.


Aids in Detoxification

Lemon water acts as a mild diuretic and helps in cleansing the urinary tract by increasing the production of urine. It also maintains the pH of urine and reduces risk of proliferation of bad bacteria.

Citric acid in lemon juice aids in detoxification and thus keeps the urinary tract free of infections.


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