Getting rid of WATER WEIGHT

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Have you ever felt bloated, looked puffy or swollen, weighed down, bloated if yes, one of the reasons could be  retention of fluid by your body meaning, excessive building up fluid in our circulatory system or body tissues. It can be caused by many ways such as:
• Change in pressure inside the capillaries or the capillary walls are leaky, result- water remains in the tissues and cause SWELLING
• Too much fluid in Lymphatic system- causing swelling in legs, ankles, feet, or any other body part.
• Protein deficiency ( Severe one)
Insufficient B- vitamins
During pregnancy or menstruation
• Lack of exercise
• Certain medication like NSAID, Hormonal pills , Beta- blockers.
• Excess sugar and sodium intake
• Kidney failure , heart issues
So , how to get rid of WATER WEIGHT naturally!
As there are many causes related to retention of fluid, make sure you consult your doctor, if you have any medical condition stated above. Besides medications, and drinking water to fight water retention, nature has gifted us with some organic food that provide diuretic aids ( i.e. helping remove excess fluids from your body).


1.  Cabbage

cabbage benefits

Intake of raw cabbage or cabbage soup is an effective remedy for getting rid of a bloated belly or water retention. Even during pregnancy, cabbage can be highly beneficial.


2.   Brussels sprouts

top 10 health benefits

There are several amazing health benefits of Brussels sprouts. They are rich in calcium and potassium which makes the effective against water retention. Potassium helps in reducing the water retention by reducing sodium level and increasing urine production.


 3.   Cranberry juice

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice not only is effective against high blood pressure but also water retention. It contains arbutin which is a natural diuretic and helps fight water retention.

 4.   Cucumbers

Cucumber benefits

Cucumber is also a natural diuretic and its nutrient content stimulates the function of kidneys and promote the dissolution of uric acid, which in turn fights water retention.


5.  Fennel seeds

Top 10 health benefits of fennel seeds

This herb contains various essential oils and flavonoids and minerals and is an effective natural diuretic. Since ages, fennel seeds have been used in traditional medicine to treat kidney ailments like kidney stonesDrinking fennel tea on a regular basis helps flush out excess fluids from the body  can also reduce puffy eyes caused by fluid retention.


6.   Lettuce

Top 10 Health benefits

Lettuce is rich in potassium, iron and calcium and being a natural diuretic , it is a good choice for those suffering from bloating and water retention. Try lettuce juice with other natural diuretic fruits and vegetables.


 7.    Oats


Oats is an effective remedy for getting rid of retained fluid and relieving bloated belly.  People who suffer from bloated belly or edema, should try adding oats into their diet.


 8.   Tomatoes



Tomato juice being rich in potassium, iron and other vitamins is highly beneficial for our health. It should be consumed more than usual so as to drain out excess retained fluid.


 9.   Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is another natural diuretic. It not only helps in detoxification but also promote urine production and fight off retained fluid in your body. Drinking  green tea on a  regular basis can be really beneficial.


10.  Asparagus


The potassium to sodium ratio in asparagus is very high 270/3 and it promotes urine production and secretion. A substance named asparagine found in asparagus provides asparagus its detoxifying and diuretic properties.


Add these in your diet and see the change yourself.

Tip: Before trying any of these for water retention, do visit the doctor and try to find the cause behind your water retention.


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