Remedies for Bad Breath (Halitosis)

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There are various causes which are responsible for bad breath, and no matter what the cause is, bad breath can be treated by adopting home-made natural remedies. Smoking cigarettes, certain medications and foods could be responsible for bad breath and to overcome this horrible morning breath or bacteria buildup in your mouth over the course of the day, try these easy remedies that will help in alleviating your bad breath causes.


Brushing and Flossing

These are the best methods to improve your oral health and ensuring great dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing every day, especially, at night time, could be really effective in reducing the bacteria which is responsible for bad odor in your mouth.

Flossing helps in removing bits of food caught between teeth and helps preventing halitosis i.e. bacterial growth. If halitosis still persists after regular flossing, try consulting your dentist.


Keeping Hydrated


Bacteria buildup or halitosis could result from dry mouth. The saliva production in our mouth controls the growth of bad bacteria that could cause bad breath. The slowing of saliva production encourages these bad bacteria to cause your breath to smell bad.

In order to alleviate dry mouth, try keeping yourself hydrated often, especially when you wake up and during and after exercises as these tends to cause dry mouth. Tricks to keep yourself hydrated.


Tongue cleaning

Most of us forget to clean our tongue during brushing teeth. Tongue can be a breeding ground for bacteria responsible for bad odor. After brushing your teeth, make sure to either use your toothbrush to brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper.

This will not only help in getting rid of bad breath but will also promote oral hygiene. Your tongue health can reveal a lot about your oral health, so make sure not to overlook it while brushing your teeth.


Watch what you eat

There are various foods that could cause bad breath. Avoiding these foods could help in alleviating the bad breath. Avoid foods that are either highly acidic or high in sugar especially fructose, as both of them encourage the production of bad bacteria that causes bad breath.

Try apple or yogurt to help curb bad breath. Fiber in apple stimulates the production of saliva, which in turn eliminates bad breath and active cultures in yogurt reduce bacteria in the mouth that is responsible for bad mouth odor.


Eat Fennel or cloves

Top 10 health benefits of fennel seeds

Fennel and cloves have been used in traditional medicine to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria responsible for bad breath. Due to their antiseptic properties, they help in limiting the bacterial growth.

The essential oils preset in cinnamon also help in treating bad breath. Try chewing on fennel or cloves after meals to prevent bad breath.


Use of Mouthwashes

Mouthwashes help in eliminating bad and unpleasant mouth smell on a temporary basis. Mouthwashes that not provide remedy for eliminating bad breath, it also fights plaque and help preventing the bacterial growth.

Try alcohol free mouth by making it at home. Take a cup of water, one teaspoon baking soda and few drops of peppermint.


Chew fruit Rind

Rinse off a lemon or orange rind before popping it in your mouth to chew on it. It will not only give you a burst of freshness but also help in encouraging glands to produce more saliva. Here are other top 10 best reasons to use Lemons.




How Eating Artichoke Affects your Health?

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Artichokes positively impact your health. It contains various nutrients including antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, calcium, dietary fiber and vitamins. It  detoxifies the body and improves overall health.  Here are  few health benefits of artichokes.

Artichoke Health Benefits

Protects Against Free Radicals

Artichokes are rich in antioxidants which are essential for scavenging and neutralize free radicals and other environmental toxins before they cause damage to our cells. Free radicals are produced as result of our bodily functions on a daily basis. Unchecked and unbalanced free radicals causes stress to our cells and leads to oxidative damage, which could compromise our body’s ability to fight various diseases. Top 10 Foods to Fight Free Radicals


Optimize Metabolism

Artichokes are packed with manganese, a nutrient which is highly beneficial in the metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol and fatty acids. Manganese also enables our body to utilize the nutrients in the food more effectively.


Promotes Bone Health

Vitamin K present in Artichokes plays a vital role in the formation of bones and supporting bone health. Incorporating artichokes in your diet could also help reduce vascular calcification and boosts your immune system.  Vitamin K is also involved in the formation of collagen, which is essential for the health of our bones and skin.


 Regulates Blood Pressure

Potassium rich foods such as bananas, sweet potatoes, artichokes etc. help to maintain a healthy level of electrolytes within the body and prevent or combat hypertension. Consuming foods rich in potassium and magnesium prevents the harmful effects of consuming too much sodium.


Rich In Folic Acid

Artichokes contain folic acid, which is good during pregnancy. It prevents neural tubal defects in developing embryos as well as increases fertility in both men and women.  The beneficial effects of folic acid for pregnant mothers are extensive. Folic Acid Benefits in Pregnancy


Good For Liver

Studies have shown that artichokes have quality that may protect the liver and decrease the blood lipids such as cholesterol in the body. Artichokes contain phytonutrients that have positive effects on the liver and enhances the formation of bile from the liver.


Lowers High Cholesterol

Artichokes are known to be highly effective cholesterol reducer. Studies have shown that incorporating artichokes into your diet could reduce around 20 percent of bad cholesterol and 18 percent of total blood cholesterol.


Supports Digestive System

Artichokes contain a compound named cynarin which has shown to be effective in increasing the production of bile and speeding up the movement of food and waste through our digestive system. It promotes healthy bowel movements and also reduces bloating. Why You Feel Bloated?



Natural Remedies for Minor Cuts

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Minor wounds including cuts and scrapes can be easily and naturally treatable at home. Home treatment can help prevent infection and promote healing. If you want to try the all natural treatment, here are few of the remedies to treat minor cuts and scrapes wounds faster.

Turmeric Powder



Turmeric powder is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Just dabbing a small amount of turmeric powder on a fresh minor cut could help stop the oozing of blood and also prevent infections.



Honey Health Benefits

Honey acts as an antibacterial agent that could heal superficial cuts and wounds. The idea of using honey as a medicine is not new and has been used in carious traditional medicine for treating various ailments. Nutrients like antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in honey make it an effective remedy for killing bacteria and fungi that infect wounds.

Honey not only helps clean the wound but also prevent further infection and inflammation. Its viscous texture also cut to heal in a moist environment, leaving a soft looking scar or no scar at all. Studies have shown that honey can be effective on treating burns.


Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel can be applied directly to the wound. It soothes the burning and itching sensation and also reduces inflammation and help in healing minor cuts and  wounds.


Peppermint Oil and Cinnamon


Peppermint and Cinnamon

Several studies have shown that peppermint and cinnamon together can be a potential bacteria busting agent. Compounds present in peppermint and cinnamon which gives them antimicrobial properties can kill variety of bacteria. Researchers recommend it for infected cuts that still haven’t healed for a month. Downside is that the peppermint-cinnamon paste could sting like crazy and so far, the bacteria fighting duo hasn’t yet been made into a medicine one can buy.


Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is also an effective natural remedy to heal a cut quickly. Tea tree oil has antibacterial qualities which is essential for wound care. Studies have shown that Tea tree oil treats a minor cut and wound much quicker than treated with conventional antibiotics.   It only prevent infections but also help to cut down inflammation




Chamomile and its oil has been used in treating various ailments including sciatica, hemorrhoids, burns and bruises. It has been found to be effective on minor cuts, bleeding or infected wounds due to the presence of flavonoids and essential oils present in them, which can penetrate deep into skin and heal. Chamomile cream or ointment can be directly applied to your cut, eczema, insect bites etc.


Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil not only prevents infections and keep them at bay, but it also cuts down on pain, inflammation and irritated skin. Studies have shown that it can be an effective natural remedy for healing wounds from childbirth.



Top 10 Foods That Cleanse the Liver Naturally

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Having processed or fried foods regularly or even overeating can take a toll on the health of your liver, making it overloaded. This also decreases the efficiency of liver to process toxins and fat. There are many foods that stimulate the liver’s ability to clean toxic waste from the body and in turn help in maintaining a healthy and cleansed liver. Here is a list of  Top 10 Foods that cleanse the Liver naturally.


TurmericTurmeric has numerous health benefits including the promotion of liver health. It repairs the damaged liver tissues and detoxifies the liver by assisting enzymes that actively play a role in flushing out body toxins.

According to the study published, scientists have found that the diabetics can benefit from Turmeric. Diabetics are prone to liver damage as the diabetes progress. This yellow power root contains a compound named curcumin that have been found to effectively combat any liver infection and in flushing out the dietary carcinogens. Add a pinch of turmeric while enjoying a  cup of milk or simply add it while preparing veggies.



Garlic health benefitsIt contains rich amounts of natural compounds named allicin and selenium that plays a significant role in liver cleansing. These compounds are powerful antioxidants and are antibiotic and anti-fungal in nature  and  helps in keeping the toxic substance filtered by the liver away from reaching other organs.

For liver health, use at least 4 chopped cloves of fresh garlic daily in your food preparations to enjoy the benefit of it.  There are garlic supplements that contain varying amounts of active ingredients so make sure to read the package labeling so as to determine your dose recommendations.


  Lemons & Limes

Health Benefits of LemonsLemons have high amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps synthesizing body toxins into substances that are easily absorbed by water. Drinking fresh lemon or lime juice in the morning helps stimulate the liver. Lemon Juice naturally is an excellent source of citric acid which when mixed with distilled water and consumed on a regular basis, provide potential benefits to your body.

Lemon juice aid your liver function and also helps in breaking down food in your stomach and stimulating digestive juice production.


Beets and Carrots

beetroot benefitsBeta- carotene and flavonoids found in carrots and beets stimulates and improves the overall function of the liver. Beetroot, carrots, Beet juice and carrot juice are packed with iron, calcium and Vitamins and are considered as one of the liver’s best resources for maintaining optimum health.

According to American Liver Foundation ” Beets help heal liver disease and improve liver function largely by thinning the bile and allowing it to float freely through the liver and into the intestine.



cabbage benefitsCabbage stimulates the activation of two crucial liver detoxifying enzymes that help flush out toxins and reduces the risk of serious illnesses and inflammation.  Being a rich source of potassium, they provide enough potassium to stimulate  a liver detox.

Fermented cabbage  or cabbage soup can be  used for liver health and production of more efficient bile. Another liver cleansing compound known as glutathione is also found in cabbage and other green leafy vegetables.




Grapefruit has been used in homeopathic remedy for cleansing gallbladder and liver. High in both vitamin C and antioxidants, grapefruit increases the natural cleansing processes of the liver. It also boost production of the liver detoxification enzymes that help flush out carcinogens and other toxins. According to study published in Alternative Medical Review, Grapefruit oil may also help in dissolving gallstones.


Green Tea

Foods for ArthritisThis liver-loving beverage is full of plant antioxidants known as catechins, a compound known to assist liver function. Green tea is not only delicious; it’s also a great way to improve your overall diet. It may help your liver- or it may not, depending on how you consume it and in what quantity.

Moderate amount of green tea is helpful for the liver and taking large amounts of green tea could have toxic effects on your liver.


Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy GreensGreen leafy vegetables releases toxins from the blood stream and enhance the mechanism of the liver, which helps in increasing the formation and flow of bile.  Bile is essential for the removal of  waste from the organs and blood.

Green leafy vegetables like  Spinach, broccoli and Arugula helps in increasing the flow of bile and flushing out waste products from the body.



Health Benefits of Walnuts

Holding high amounts of the amino acid arginine, walnuts aid the liver in detoxifying ammonia. Walnuts are also high in glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids, which support normal liver cleansing actions. To ease the stress of detoxification on the liver, foods like nuts which have low level of toxicity are ideal for people with liver disease.

Nuts in their raw form are super food which are loaded with proteins and other nutritious substance and promote the health and function of liver.



Apple top 10 health benefitsApples contain high amount of pectin which is necessary for the body cleansing. It also release toxins from the digestive tract and increases the efficiency of the liver to handle the toxic load during the cleansing process.

Apple juice is one of the key ingredients in substances  or supplements used for liver cleansing and detoxification.The malic acid found in apples enables the liver to function properly.



Top Natural Probiotic Foods

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Probiotics “Good bacteria” provide variety of health benefits to our gut. They make our immune system stronger by providing good bacteria to our gut, aids in digestion and metabolism. There are many natural food sources which have friendly bacteria and can help in replenishing your bacteria flora in your digestive system. Probiotic dietary supplements lack scientific evidence regarding their safety and effectiveness, it is always better to opt for the natural probiotic rich foods.



Natural black Olives in brine are potential source of Probiotics. Due to their high fiber and antioxidants levels, they could be used to deliver Probiotics to the body. People who are unable to eat dairy, olives are preferably best for them.




Yogurt contains billions of friendly bacteria. It is one of the best probiotic foods that keep a healthy balance in your gut and also help in taming gas, diarrhea and other digestive problem.


  Raw Cheese


Soft cheeses from goat’s milk, sheep milk and cow milk are high in probiotics. Always opt for unpasteurized cheeses as pasteurization kills the active and healthy bacteria.


  Sourdough Bread


Sourdough bread is mildly sour bread which is made with a lactic acid starter. It contains strains of lactobacillus, a healthy bacteria for our gastrointestinal system. It is considered as the healthiest bread choice for diabetics.


  Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate health benefits

Organic, raw dark chocolates contain probiotics and even antioxidants which are beneficial to our health.



Sauerkaut boosts digestion as it is loaded with immune-boosting vitamins. It is better to opt for unpasteurized Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is made by fermenting cabbage. It is also high in tyrosine, which play an important role in blood pressure regulation and dopamine.




Soybeans fermented with brown rice produce what is called “ Miso Paste”. The fermentation makes this product a rich source of lactobacillus acidophilus. Make sure to take it in moderate amount as it contains high amount of sodium. Why Miso is Good For You?


  Kombucha tea (Fermented Tea)


It is a fermented tea that contains high quantity of healthy gut bacteria. This drink has been used since ages and helps in increasing well being and even energies the body.  A simple recipe of Kombucha tea.


   Soy Milk


Soy Milk

There are many health benefits of Soy Milk. It contains natural probiotics. It is a healthy way of adding probotics and vitamins into your system.