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Top 5 Breakfast Foods you need to avoid

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and  you need to make sure not to opt for the wrong and unhealthy breakfast choices. Even the “healthy” options might just be unhealthy. Here are top 5 foods you should avoid having in your breakfast.

1. Fruit Smoothies

If your morning breakfast consists of just a blend of fruits like banana, berries and fruit juice, it’s time you consider adding some nuts, yogurt, milk and seeds. Addition of proteins in these fruit blends will help in slowing down the absorption of sugar in the body, keep you filling and will also boost your energy level and keep it steady.

2. Low-fat / flavored yogurt

Low fat yogurt contains low fat, but at the cost of more sugar or other sweeteners. Having it in your breakfast is not at all healthy. In fact, the added sugar or sweeteners in such yogurt will make you crave for more sugar and make you hungrier. Full fat Yogurt  is much better and healthier than low fat version. Flavored yogurts have no real fruit, only chemicals designed to taste like fruit. Add natural yogurts and fresh fruits in your breakfast.

3. Breakfast bars

They might be a convenient option for quick breakfast but what is the benefit of having this kind of breakfast that is not at all healthy. Instead,  try grabbing a handful of nuts and some fresh fruits like apple, oranges etc..

4. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a concentrated form of sugar and contains such an amount of sugar that is recommended for the entire day. Fruit juice have very low amount of fiber than the fresh fruit itself. Instead of fruit juice, munch on fresh fruit. Fibre rich fruits slow the rate of absorption of sugar by the body.

5. Granola

Avoid granola, if it contains more than 6g of sugar per portion. It is not a healthy form of breakfast, even though the label says “no added sugar” or “natural” or “multi-grain”. If you are thinking of not giving it up, make sure to have sensible portions of it in breakfast or try adding whole grains in your breakfast. 

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